Wipro Interview Questions : set 1

By | September 1, 2015

Wipro interview Questions

I recently  attended the campus selection recruitment drive of Wipro for hiring freshers at IPU.I am sharing my interview experience about wipro hiring process here  with crackdinterview community .So that someone else can get benefited from my experience.They were offering CTC of 3.25LPA and only those with percentage 60% or above and no backlogs were allowed to sit .Here’s how the process went

  • Round 1 (written test)
    Online test conducted by Amcat
    There were 3 sections

    • Quantitative Aptitude -Mostly RS Aggarwal type question average level
    • Logical/Analytical ability – easiest questions try to solve them first
    • Verbal – was bit tough questions from Barron’s GRE, its advisable to see this book if before the process

    Sample questions

    1. See this page for the kind of questions asked in test .
    2. This was an elimination round .

    Round 2 (Essay)

  • we were given a booklet by team of WIPRO in which we have to enter our details (it is like filling all the details from our CV). Also a sheet is provided with it. Which was having ESSAY topic. I got “HOW WILL YOU BE AN ASSET TO WIPRO”. Other topic was like “IMPACT OF SOCIAL MEDIA” etc. Time limit was 15 minutes.

  • Round 3 (Technical interview)
    • The interviewer was very nice , he first asked me to introduce myself. As I was from “Mechanical Branch” he asked why wipro? I told him about my interest in software from school and detailed about the projects I had done.I was bit nervous as I didn’t know much of java or c++ , but luckily he didn’t ask me that question. Probably he knew that I haven’t read those things , so he asked me 2 puzzles I was able to answer 1 directly and for the other one I had to ask for a hint .Overall this round also went good.
    • Luckily I cleared this round and was called for HR interview.
  • Round 4 (HR interview)
    • In the HR interview they asked few things again like tell me about yourself, why wipro etc. Then they asked whether I’m ok with hyderabad location(their placement location). I said yes.And that’s it.

Any the results were announced , It was 7 in the evening and my name was called . Cann’t explain how it felt.

My advice to everyone is have faith in yourself , don’t loose confidence you’ll definitely make it to the final list.

Have got some interview questions submit it here.So that we can help other candidates like you to land their dream job

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