Tell me about Yourself Interview Question : How to answer ?

By | December 28, 2014

Tell me about yourself  or Introduce Yourself

This is generally the first question asked in most of the interviews .A good and well prepared answer to this question can double your chances of landing the job. We advice you to prepare an answer for this question in advance.Because whatever you say here will be discussed further in your interview. Try not to say any nonsense here.In this post we have mentioned what you should and should not include in your answer to “Tell me about yourself” question.Also we are giving few sample answers to this question  which we think are perfect for this question .Use these and prepare an answer for yourself which you can easily repeat in  1 min approximately.

Things to Mention

1.Your Academic background(from where you did your schooling , Your stream , degree etc)
2.Which part of the earth you belong (your home city , where you were brought up etc)
3.Your professional experience (Details of previous jobs , internships etc )
4.The projects you have worked on (Explain big and important things first )
5.Extra currics , achievements or other positions any task where you showed qualities of being a leader or good team player
6.Your hobbies and interests (keep this short )

Things to avoid

1. Details about your family(tell this only when asked)
2. Achievements which are not related to you job profile or are very old(Ex : won a dance competition in nursery)
3. Mentioning things in a wrong sequence.
4. Cursing you previous employer .(Try to avoid this)

Here’s how a good answer for this question looks

Sample Answer 1 (for Experienced Candidates)
I graduated from IIT Delhi in 2011, with Computer science as my majors.My ares of interest are algorithms and web development (academics info).From the campus I was hired by Oracle.So for the past 3 yrs I’m working with oracle in their Server Technologies team.This team is working on some products used by some of the major enterprises to back their web products.I mostly worked with java and xml related technologies .
We followed Agile scrum during development so I have good knowledge of Agile.We were using Testng for unit tests and jenkins for builds so have good knowledge of these tools.(projects and technologies explained)Last year a I lead a team of 3 developers tool replace the logging api which we are currently using with a new one and that project was a huge success as time lines were very strict , but we sucessfuly completed the project.(Leadership qualities highlighted)I primarily used eclipse IDE for development.Apart from this I’ve done some personal projects on Android and Web Development on rails so have fair knowledge of that .These are hosted on Github if you want to see.My hobbies are cricket and blogging (Hobbies in short).That was all about me.


Sample Answer 2 (for Freshers)
I’m currently in final year for my computer science degree(if campus interview other wise you can say I graduated form xyz college in abc stream).My areas of interest include Web Development and Algorithms .I did 2 internships in my college one was with Goole where worked in the team who is developing the calendar app .I mostly worked on the front end side to make the UI better . Mostly worked on javascript. The second was with Yahoo where I worked their ad server team.
To mostly worked on making the platform more intelligent.Apart form this I did some self projects for learning purpose one was game in android where I learned the abc of an android app . I also developed a checkers game using artificial intelligence algorithms .I’m also the tech-head of IEEE in my college and have organized various events to increase the participation of students in Opensource and industry projects. I participate in online programming challenges frequently and obtained 500 rank in Google Code Jam last year. My hobbies includes competitive programming and blogging.That was all about me.

The above answers are very good to give you an Idea of what to say when someone asks you “Tell me about yourself?”or “Introduce yourself “ in an interview.
If you think there’s something which is missing in above answers just dropus a mail we will be more than happy to answer you.

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