TCS Interview Questions : set 2

By | August 29, 2015

TCS  Interview Questions


This post is shared by our reader Shubham.TCS recently visited his college for campus placements. he is sharing his interview experience so  that others from crackdinterview community may get benefited from his experience. Many thanks to him.

By Shubham

Appearing for TCS was fun, as it was the first company in our college so was full with enthusiasm. I would mention that all the rumors that say that the aptitude test is hard this time are actually true. The level of aptitude question are different this time, some of them are so lengthy that before attempting the question you will think 5 times shall I attempt it or not. The major topics they covered in aptitude test were Time and Work, Statements, Reasoning and Probability.

Technical Interview

Apart from the 2-3 subjects you prepare as your favorite or major subjects, you should have sound knowledge of Operating System and Database Management System. It doesn’t matter that you are from Mechanical, Chemical, Electronics or any other branch they have high technical requirements this time. Sometime they ask silly questions also like :

  • What is super keyword ?
  • What is friend function ?
  • Types of JOIN in DBMS ?
  • Simple pattern programs ?
  • TRY and CATCH block
  • types of joins

Managerial Interview

This interview was completely focused on the summer industrial training, they expect you to speak about your project as much as you can, I explained my project for about 20 mins (I told him the things which were not implemented in my project). Be ready for the common questions in MR round i.e What are your strength and what are your weakness ?                                        

Tips: Be loud and clear and confident about your project, this interview tests how much you can speak, he will ask you to start your project and will not ask you to stop, explain him as much as you can.

HR Interview

This was the easiest of all, I would mention here that HRs from TCS are very sweet, they are polite while talking and never stress you. A female took my HR interview and she was very sweet, I don’t know I impressed her or not but she surely impressed me, firstly she made me feel relaxed then our interview started. You must have a long intro ready for yourself. Learn TCS values, mission, goals, vision and all the things mentioned about them on recent news. Try to gather knowledge about TCS as much as you can.                                                                                                                                                                                                

Tips: Always have an eye contact, match up to the pitch of the interviewer. Few general questions include, your strength, are you adaptable, ready to work on different 

Finally got selected feels good I’m a TCSer now. Hope this helps you. Best of luck.

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