TCS Interview Questions : set 1

By | August 28, 2015

TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) Interview Experience 

TCS recently visited my college for campus placements. Here I’m sharing TCS hiring process details the questions asked  salary offered ,Eligibility criteria etc. So that someone from crackdinterview community may get benefited from my experience.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. 60% in 10, 10+2 and B.Tech.
  2.  Not more than a gap of 2 years .
  3. More than one active backlog is not allowed.

Salary offered by TCS

TCS was offering 3.75 LPA as CTC to freshers in our college.The CTC may be different for different colleges.

Hiring Process

There were 3 rounds in total , each round was and elimination round . Below I’ve mentioned questions asked in detail and tips for preparation.

  1. E-mail writing and Quantitative Aptitude

    There were 2 sections – First  E-mail writing and next was Quantitative Aptitude  .Remember you cannot go back to 1st section if you have already exited it . In Quantitative Aptitude there were 30 questions with negative marking. Starred questions were of higher marks. Those who attempted 18+ with good accuracy cleared this round. The level of questions was average RS aggarwal type. See this post for the kind of questions asked.Also don’t forget to carry calculator as there use was permitted.

  2. Technical Interview                                                                                                                                                                                    60% of the students were able to reach this round.Questions were of diverse nature .Interviewers were quite friendly.Basic computer science questions, to questions on projects , hobbies were asked. Some students were asked to solve logical puzzles.Some were asked to write basic codes.Here’s how my interview went.
    • Interviewer – Tell me something about yourself
    • Me -Told , then mentioned my areas of interest as well
    • Interviewer -Why TCS?
    • Me- Told some points which I saw in their ppt.
    • Interviewer – What sorting algorithms do you know ?
    • Me – Told him bubble, insertion, radix sort etc.
    • Interviewer – write the algorithm for bubble sort
    • Me – wrote as I knew it .
    • Interviewer – What all projects you have done
    • Me – told him about my final year project he was very happy with it.
    • Interviewer – Do you have any questions for me ?
    • Me – Asked him few questions about the work culture and environment which I had already prepared.Said thanks .
  3. Managerial cum HR round
    • This was the best round there was a senior official and 1 hr in the room.Both were quite friendly.The interview started with general questions about me , my interest .Actually they were trying to make me more comfortable.The the senior guy(Technical) asked me how an e-commerce website works.I had no clue , but still told him about the basic components which I could recall at that time  like payment gateway, UI, search algorithm , cart etc.Then he asked if I had to design a shopping cart ,how I  will proceed . I was shocked , as I was not expecting such questions.But then I gave it thought and started writing something on paper and eventually he was satisfied with it.
    • Then the HR guy started asking he asked me do I know anything about their company , repeated the same stuff .Then I was asked why TCS as I had one more job in hand . Told them because of brand name and good work culture as I’ve heard from employees. Both of them were satisfied with my answers .Said thanks and left the room.

And finally when the results were announced my name was there in the final list. I cannot explain how good it felt.

My advice to other candidates is , try to keep yourself calm. There’s is high probability that you don’t know the questions which was asked . But try to think . And I’m sure you will be able to comeup with something. All the best.

This post was shared by our reader Manish Gupta.Many thinks to him . We hope this will help a lot of candidates.




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