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Microsoft Interview Questions : set 1

Here’s a set of interview questions submitted by one of our readers Nishant. These questions were asked to candidates by microsoft during campus placements at IITD. Round 1 Given a file with numbe rs of 7 digits each, number 10 will be represented as 0000010. But all numbers are of 7 digits. Sort these numbers. Print and  remove nth node from circular linked list till the list becomes empty Round 2 Two poles each of length 15m are at distance d. A rope of length of 16m is tied from the top one pole to the other. Distance between lowest point of rope and ground is 7m. Find distance d. Sum 2 numbers represented as linked list. Round 3 Given a BST and a number s, find a path from root to leaf whose values sum to s. Find shortest such path. Given top­left and bottom­right coordinates of two rectangles whose sides are parallel to axes. Find whether these 2 rectangles are intersecting. Have got some interview questions submit… Read More »

Burning Candles puzzle

This is a famous interview puzzle .I’ve heard many candidates asked this puzzle or some variant of this puzzle in the interview. Problem :You are given two candles of equal size, which can burn for 30 minutes each. You have to measure 45 minutes with these candles. (There is no scale or clock ).There’s no… Read More »