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Groupon Interview Questions : set 1

I appeared for groupon in their campus placement drive in our college.Sharing here my experience so that someone from crackdinterview can get benefited from it. Round 1 (MCQ’s/Coding) There were two written exam, 1st contained apti and C,C++ questions, while second consists of coding problems. Coding problems were: Find out the maximum contiguous circular sum… Read More »

Flipkart Interview Questions : set3

Recently I attended Flipkart Interview Process for 1 yr experienced persons for SDE1 positions.I’m sharing the interview questions asked to me here. First of all thanks to crackdinterview for maintaining such a good website. Here are the questions: Round 1 (Telephonic Interview) Given an array of n distinct integers sorted in ascending order. Find an… Read More »

Flipkart Interview Questions : set1

I recently appeared for flipkart off campus interviews (for 1yr experienced people).Just wanted to share there interview process and the interview questions asked.So that someone from crackdinterview community may get benefited from my experience. Round 1 (online coding round) This was an online coding test on interview street.There was only one problem which I had… Read More »