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Explain different types of SQL JOINs

SQL JOINs is among the most frequently asked interview questions in database interviews.I’m assuming you already know what joins are but don’t know the difference between various types of JOINs. Here I’ve tried to briefly explain all the SQL Joins.For a more detailed explanation you can use refer this link SQL JOINs What are the… Read More »

SQL queries :set 2

Given 2 tables Country and City as shown below: Country (countryid, countryname ) City (countryid, cityname ) 1. Write a SQL query to find the countries that has no cities? This can be easily solve using left outer join

2. Write a SQL query to find the countries that has less than 5 cities… Read More »

Find nth highest salary SQL query

Preparing for an interview and have very less time left to cover all the topics. Don’t worry here we are giving you a collection of interview questions, which we have chosen after doing a very thorough research with hundreds of candidates .First thing is in most of the interviews you will encounter the SQL query… Read More »