Snapdeal Interview Questions : set1

By | April 30, 2014

Hi my name is Surender .Snapdeal recently visited our campus for recruitment.I’m mentioning below there interview process and the interview questions asked.So that someone from crackdinterview community may get benefited from my experience.

Placement Process for Snapdeal

Profile : Business Analytics / Software Engineer

Three Rounds(1 written + 2 interviews)

Round 1 (Written Test)

  • It consisted of eleven aptitude questions which were to be solved in one hour.
    For software profile there were five more questions based on C and Data Structures along with these 11 question.

Round 2 (Interview)

  • This round had no definite pattern. Some candidates were asked puzzels and estimation questions (like estimate number of street lamps in your college). Some candidtaes were asked HR questions based on their resume. For some cadidates interview was a mixture of puzzels , estimation questions and HR questions.Interview duration was approximately 20 minutes.

Round 3 (Interview)

  • In this round candidates were asked some puzzles which you can find in book “How would you move mount Fuji”. Candidtes were also asked to explain about their summer training project. Major part of interview consisted on questions based on resume and HR questions like Why Snapdeal, Where do you see yourself in next five years, What is your dream job, what is your ultimate goal in life, What is your passion etc. For software profile some technical questions were also asked. Interview duration was approximately 45 minutes.

Have got some interview questions submit it here.So that we can help other candidates like you to land their dream job

2 thoughts on “Snapdeal Interview Questions : set1

  1. viji

    Is any techanical question asked in Snapdeal whether what are subject has been asked?????????

    1. InterviewGeek Post author

      hi Viji,
      IF you giving interview for software developer role, your interview will revolve mostly around Algo/DS and java related stuff.Inf java prepare collections , threads and concurrency very well.See our java section for more questions on that.


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