Apart from providing our readers with the most refined information.We do offer few other services. And that perfectly resonates with our goal of becoming the onestop solution for all your interview needs. Here’s a list of things we can help you with :

Resume Review(Free)

We have already written a detailed post on how to write an effective resume.You can read that , also there are some resume templates which you can download for free .Use these resources to prepare a good resume . If you still facing some difficulty like how some particular piece of information should be shown in your CV or whether to mention something in your resume or not. Then you can mail us : us your CV along with you queries . Our team will review it and provide you the feedback for FREE.


If you feel that you are quiet talented , but are not receiving any calls just because your past sins like bad acads, not so famous college .Then we can help you .Mail your updated CV to us   here                                           mail us : and the name of the company you want to apply for we will make sure that you receive and interview call from that company.

Career Counselling(Free)

The aim of building was to enable people achieve what they want in life . We will keep on moving in the same direction.But if you even don’t know what you should do in your life , then we can still help you.And you know what , you are not alone there are many like you.Just mail us at  mail us : some from our team will setup a call with you.And will help you decide what you should go for.

Customized Resume Writing(Paid)

While we have a provided you with detailed information on how to write an effective resume.And also our resume review service is free . But if you are short of time or just doesn’t want to take any chance and spent your full energy on preparation. Our expert team can prepare a resume for you. But ofcourse we too need money to pay our  bills . So we charge a small amount($10) for that. Just drop a mail to us and we will get in touch with you mail us : .

Mock Interviews(Paid) 

It’s always better to give mock interviews , before sitting in the interview rooms of you dream companies.

Remember the more you sweat during practice , the lesser you will bleed in the battle ground

We have experts from various companies and also those who have cracked the so called dream companies. They know exactly what those companies want and can tell you what you are lacking and what you should focus more upon.Also if you want we can arrange you an interview with the actual employees of the company you want to apply for .This is a paid service as these  experts are among the rarest species of the world .We charge $10 for each mock interview of half hour .You will be provided a detailed feed back report plus you can ask all your doubts.For scheduling you mock interview or for any other query like if you want to know the format of feedback etc mail us :  and our team will get in touch with you.

Personal Training (Paid)

We run an online training program to help candidates land their dream companies with minimum possible time and effort. Many candidates from our previous batches were able to crack companies like Amazon,Oracle,Flipkart ,Snapdeal  .The program is targeted specially for freshers .                                             This is 30 Hr Course where we will quickly cover the basic fundamentals of programming like OOPs,writing basic programs and gradually move on to Data-Structures and Algorithms , covering other important topics like DBMS,SQL,Networking etc  side by side. Also you can interact with fellow batch mates and prepare together.The batches start every 3 months. We highly recommend you to join this program if you have just started your preparation and want to save you time. Because there are plethora of resources to study from , we can help you in separating wheat from chaff.  Students of this program will also get access to Free study material + Free 3 mock interviews  . To know more details about the program mail us :


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