Samsung Interview Questions : set4

By | May 1, 2014

This is the set of questions asked in the campus placement drive of Samsung Software Engineering Labs (SEL Noida) .

Round 1 (Written Test)

  • GSAT(Global Samsung Aptitude Test)
  • 30 Q. To be done in 30 min. *with -ve marking* (25 Q. from. C,C++ n D.S. and 5 from O.S,Networking)

Round 2 (Technical Interview)

  • They asked me to rate myself in subjects C, C++, D.S, O.S., NETWORKING?
  • Write the complexities(worst,avg.,best) for all types of searching and sorting algorithms. and explain how you obtain each of the complexity(i.e. derive these complexities).
  • Since, I rated myself ’0′ out of ’5′ in O.S. So they asked me the basic fundas of O.S. like How an O.S. loads and explain the different scheduling algos. and basic concepts of process,threads and cache?
  • They asked me to code on how to del. a node from a binary tree width min time complexity?
  • Back 2 back Q’s. on Structures, Union, Pre-processor directives, they dug pretty deep in these topics.
  • 2 problems related to file handling( one was based on text file n d other was based on a binary file), after. I wrote the code ,they did some variations and asked me to write the code according to those (which includes the use of seekg,seekp,tellg n tellp functions)

Round 3 (Technical Interview)

  • Difference between IPv4 n IPv6 ,address range of IPv6 n configure IS-IS using ipv6?
  • What r d different hashing algos. and explain each of them(DES,3-DES,AES and all that)?
  • OSI n TCP/IP model i.e. all d layers n n fns of all these layers in detail
  • CSMA/CD mechanism
  • Difference b/w. routing n routed protocols?
  • functions of protocols such as ARP,RARP,ICMP,IGMP,SMTP,Apple talk?
  • What r OSPF,EIGRP,IGRP n d differences b/w. them n how they r configured n which one is d best routing protocol among these 3
  • What is frame relay,C.I.R.,D.L.C.I. n L.M.I. ?
  • What is NAT n PAT n how NAT is configured(all the configuration command coding)?
  • DHCP mechanism n how it is configured(all the configuration command coding)?
  • What is VPN(both site 2 site n remote),explain d role of ISAKMP n IPSEC tunnels in VPN?
  • Draw the IP n TCP packet format for both IPv4 and IPv6

Round 4 (HR Interview)

  • Tell me something about yourself
  • What do u know about Samsung
  • What does SEL stands for?
  • What makes Samsung different from any other company
  • One specific quality in your personality which you would like to improve upon n what are you doing to improve it?
  • Your cgpa is only 7,why is it so less??( i showed him my GPA cards pointing out d ‘C’ s. i got in electronics n electrical sub. n also showed him my C,Java,O.S.,D.S. grades, so, he seemed satisfied)
  • Do u want to ask any Q from me?( I asked him more Q’s. than he asked from me)
  • SEL is located in NOIDA, I hope that wouldn’t be a problem for you?

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