Samsung Interview Questions : set3

By | May 1, 2014

Samsung Software Engineering Labs (SEL Noida).
Here’s a set of questions submitted by one of our readers. These questions were asked to the candidates during campus placements .

Round 1 (Written Test)(Global Samsung Aptitude Test)
The test had 2 sections.
The first section had 80-90% of the questions on Data Interpretation and rest on Quant.
The second had all the questions on Logical Reasoning.

Round 2 (Technical Written Test)
Those who cleared the above round were eligible for this round.Almost 60% of the students who appeared cleared above round.
It had questions on C++, OS, Programming languages, some other computer science general questions.
Most of the questions were form the book test you skills by Yashwanth Kanethkar.
This was also an an elimination round and about 40% of the students moved to the next round.

Round 3(Technical Interview)

  1. Construct 2 stacks using a single array. Extend the same code for 3 stacks.
  2. Given a string, print it in reverse manner eliminating the repeated characters.
  3. Write a function in C to reverse a string in-place.
  4. Basic OS Questions like deadlock , semaphores etc

Round 3 (HR Interview)

  1. He asked me the the comapany name and I was like Samsung..ah umm 🙁
  2. He told me the name and then asked some basic questions about the company like why Samsung , what do you know about samsung etc.
  3. And there were some general HR questions. About my roles and responsibilities at the college, hobbies, etc.

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