Samsung Interview Questions :set2

By | May 1, 2014

Samsung Software Engineering Labs (SEL Noida) visited our campus for recruitment. I’m sharing my interview experience here.
First of all thanks to crackdinterview for maintaining such a good website.
Here are the questions:

Round 1 (Written Test)

  1. GSAT
  2. 30 Question 30 min. with -ve marking* (20 Q. from. C,C++ n D.S. and 5 from O.S. and 5 from DBMS and Networking)

Here are some questions which I remember:

  1. What is the output of following
  2. How hexadecimal no 1234 store in big endian form MCQ
  3. How many queue required for implement stack.
  4. What thread does not share:
    a. data
    b. stack
    c. code
    d. message queue
  5. what protocol required for e-mail transfer.MCQ
  6. what is the complexity of code
  7. A process call fork() system call n times than how many new process created(2^n-1).
  8. which is not used for sorting link list..
    a.quick sort
    b.merge sort
    c.heap sort
    d.All of these can not be used
  9. Due to priority of process what type of problem occcurs in priority scheduling.
  10. What is output of the program.
  11. which data structure is used to check for wheather expression is balace or not..
  12. which data structure used for recursive function.
  13. what is output of code

    a.1 1 1 1 1
    b.1 2 3 4 5
    c.0 1 2 3 4
    d.5 5 5 5 5
  14. If time slice is greater than the execution time of largest execution time process than round robin acts as.MCQ
  15. If derived class has same name function as base calss than it is called..
  16. suppose a process have to need some I?O event than CPU has to wait what is envent to over come this problem(multi programming).
  17. what is complexcity of merge sort in worst case..
  18. which has greatest space complexity:
    a. quick sort b. selection c. merge sort d. radix sort

Round 2 (Technical Interview)

  1. how to find your system is big endian or not.
  2. write the code of heap sort and compexity in different cast.
  3. insertion and delection in min heap and max heap.
  4. write the code of quick sort and explain your code with an example
  5. iterative implemention of inorder,preorder and postorder
  6. deletion in BST
  7. he wrote an example of mulilevel inheritance and ask in what order destractor called and why?
  8. what is virtual function.
  9. what is encapsulation explain and how it is achived and give real life example
  10. he drew a stack elements are (top to buttom) 8 3 2 1 4
    write a recursu=ive function to print 4 1 2 3 8
  11. Advantages of C over C++.
  12. what is function pointer how to use it……
  13. what is structure padding why it is ocurred.
  14. how to do this A programe’s varible can not used by another program
  15. char *p=”SAMSUNG”
    char p[]=”SAMSUNG”
    what is difference b/w them
  16. implement stack using Link list and performe push() and pop() operation.
  17. deletion in link list
  18. detect loop in link list how to remove
  19. how to find middle in link list
  20. advantages of linlk llist over array.
  21. sorted merge in link list
  22. what is multi programming
  23. what is page fault and why it occur.
  24. what is virtual memory.
  25. about the page replacement Algorithm LRU
  26. what is Inter process communcation ,types and which one is fast and why?
  27. what is fragmentation.Brief decusion on external fragmentation.
  28. one simple question from network and 1 from DBMS

Round 3 (HR Interview)

    1. find the largest and second largest element in array give 4 different approach
    2. tell me about yourself?
    3. why do you want to join samsung?
    4. what do you know about samsung?
    5. Some questions on hobbies and interests.

No one got eliminated in this round.

Have got some interview questions submit it here.So that we can help other candidates like you to land their dream job

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