Resume Tips

A Resume is a document which a candidate send the employer to show them what the candidate is , his qualifications and skills .So that the employer can evaluate whether the candidate is suited in this role or not .If yes then call him for interview.A good resume can not only fetch you interview calls from your favourite companies but can give you some plus over other candidates.Of course the thing which matters the most is your skills and qualifications . But believe me an effective resume do have some effect. A good resume should mirror your skills and qualifications .Anyone having a single look should be able to guess who and what you are.
Here I’m giving a Resume Writing tips.Some things which you should and shouldn’t do. Highlighted common mistakes which people commit when building their resume.
Also I’ve uploaded a good resume sample .Download the resume template from sample resume template and feel free to use it.


resume sample

resume sample

resume sample

resume sample

Resume Building Tips

Here are some resume building tips.Each point is also highlighted in the above resume sample image to give you a better idea.

  1. NO need to write your complete address only city and country name are enough .See point 1 highlighted in above image
  2. Follow proper order in your resume text. What I mean by this is foolow a good order for example it’s a better to write you educational qualifications block before your achievements block.
  3. Mention level of expertise in brackets along with the technologies which you claim to know
  4. Use tables where ever you can
  5. Use bullet points try to be short and precise
  6. Mention only those achievemtns which you think are important or somehow related to the role you are applying for.No body cares if you won a dancing competitions when you were in kinder garden
  7. Be short and precise
  8. Mentioned the technologies used while developing a project
  9. It’s always good to provide to provide a link to you github profile or other profiles , or some of your projects which can be accessed online.

Resume Building Don’t(s)

Here’s a list of Don’t which you should follow while building your resume.

  1. Avoid writing you family background in resume like your mother’s name father’s name etc no one is interested in it.Only name email and phone number are enough
  2. Don’t add you photograph in resume it will just increase you resume size.
  3. Cut down your resume to 1 or 2 pages not more than that.Remove everything unnecessary or less important
  4. Avoid fancy graphical templates having lot of graphics in them. It will increase the size of resume file so that it won’t fit in job portals which have limit of file size they can accept
  5. Don’t mention the name of 100 different technologies in your resume to impress the interviewer .Mention only those which you are confident that you can answer a question if asked.

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