Here we are listing some the recommended books for technical interview preparations. Note that we asked to several successful candidates about there preparation methodology and we have listed here the books which they used for different topics.We haven’t taken anything from the authors of the listed books to publicize their books like other sites. We will keep updating this page in future.For some of the books we’ve provided links from which u can download it.Of course we haven’t uploaded those we are just saving time of our readers so that they don’t have to search on google.

  1. Algorithms

    • CLRS (Introduction to algorithms) : It is one of the best books written till date .On this subject.I highly recommend all our readers to go through this book.It will help you in building your basics in datastructurs and algorithms.It discusses most of the algorithms and various techniques like complexity analysis in details .You can buy it from here .
    • TheAlgorithmDesignManual (Skiena) : while this book is not as popular as above book but it teaches you a systematic way to design you algorithm.This book is highly recommended if you are trying to enter the world of competitive programming.You can buy it  from here .
  2. Datastructures

    • CLRS (Introduction to algorithms) : don’t want to repeat the things which I said above
    • Datastructures using c and C++ (Tanenbaum) : A nice books discusses most of the basic and advanced datastructures i details.Has a very good set of practice problems.And the text for hashing in this book is among the best resources on hashing. Here’s a link to to preview it or You can buy it  from here .
  3. Java

    • The complete refrence (H. Schildt) : The is good for newbees to java and teaches you java concepts using very basic examples .Very easy to read and follow. You can buy this book from here.
    • Head First Java : One of the best books .You will really enjoy reading this book .Though doesn’t cover all the topics . But uses a very good approach to teach you.Also uses real life examples. You can buy this book from here .
    • Of course you can always go for the book by the author of the language . But it’s very vast and hard to follow.
  4. Design Patterns

    • Head First Design Patterns : A very good and interesting book on design patterns.You will enjoy reading this. I’m assuming you are not a very experienced guy.So I won’t recommend you to read the book by gang of 4.You can buy Head First Design Patterns book  from here.
  5. C++

    • Object-Oriented Programming in C++ (R. Lafore) : A good and updated book.Buy this book from here.
  6. C

    • The C programming language(D. Ritchie) : The best book on C.Covers everything.
      You can buy the C programming language book from here.
  7. Interview Questions

    • Cracking the coding Interview : A very well written book. Touches almost every area of tech interviews .You can buy this book from here.
    • Test your c/c++ skills (Y. kanethkar): Though this book is not updated. But many companies like adobe , samsung etc pick their written test questions directly from these books.You can buy  Test your c skills from here.
    • Data Structures and Algorithms Made Easy (N Karumanchi) : Written by an ex-Amazonian .Has a huge collection of DS/Algo questions with solutions and the solutions mentioned in this book are very good.
  8. Operating Systems

    • Operating Systems Concepts (Galvin) : A very good book .Every one tol the name of this single book for operating systems.You can buy operating systems concepts book from here.
  9. DBMS

    • Database System Concepts (korth): A very good book covers DBMS concepts and SQL n detail .And has nice set of practice exercise.You can buy it from here.
  10. Networking

    • Data communications and networking (Forouzan) : certainly one of the best books and has good number of exercises. You can buy it from here.

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