Oracle Interview Questions : set 1

By | May 28, 2014

Hi my name is Rohit, I recently appeared for Oracle interviews.Want to share my experience with crackdinterview community , so that someone else can get benefit form my experience .
The opening was in their in fusion team . One HR form oracle contacted me directly.And sent me an invitation for their hiring drive.
All of the rounds took place on the same day.The process took around 8 hrs.(1 written test+ 2 tech interviews + 1 managerial round)

Round 1 (written test)

  • This test was a mix of aptitude and language questions.Plus you hav eto write the code for two questions. The questions were very basic.
  • Standard java questions in the language part
  • Coding quesiton : write the code to find the lowest common ancestor of two nodes ina tree
  • Coding quesiton :Reverse the words of a stirng

Round 2 (Technical interview )

Round 3 (Technical interview )

  • Discussed a lit on my existing project
  • how will you write your own recaptcha like utility
  • Some common java questions

Round 4 (Managerial Round )

  • This was the hiring manager round
  • He first asked me some logical puzzles. Purely mathematical
  • A sql query to find the employee haivng second highest salary
  • Another database question something like listing down names of trains based on their schedule don’t remember exactly

I got the offer but rejected , got better offer.

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