Microsoft Internship Questions : set 1

By | May 19, 2015

I recently appeared for internship selections(inCampus).Though I didn’t get the offer but want to share my experience with crackdinterview community , so that someone else can get benefit form my experience .

Round 1 (Online test general aptitude +CS fundamentals)

  • Online round conducted by cocubes. Had about 15 questions and time allotted was 30 minutes. Questions were multiple choice and were mainly from C language, aptitude . There were few questions from OS, CSA as well in some sets.

Round 2 (Online coding round )

  1. This round was online coding round.Duration was 1 hour.
  2. Questions asked were  
  • Find the nth node of a linked list from the end.
  •  Given a string S and a pattern P, you need to find the number of occurrences of anagrams of pattern P in string S .

Round 3 (Technical interview )

    1 puzzle and a design question

  • classic Horse Race Puzzle
  • Design a parking lot using oops . I messed upo this question . And this I think is the reason i couldn’t move to other rounds

Round 4 (Technical cum HR interview )

  • He started with some basic questions like my interests and hobbies and then asked The following programming. He was more interested in my coding style  I mean what classes I’m writing , if I’m using oops then on the final solution.
  • Problem – How do you check if a given linked list is palindromic or not ?


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