Limeroad Interview Questions : set 1

By | September 22, 2015

Hi my name is Sahil , I recently appeared for Limeroad interviews.
I was contacted by a consultancy . They saw my linkedin profile and shortlisted me.It was one day process comprising of          3 technical interviews and one round with CTO .

Round 1 (Technical)

  • The interviewer was quite friendly gave me hints where ever I was stuck
  • First question was to find the largest matrix of 1 in a 2D matrix comprising of 1’s and 0’s
  • Second question was based on convex hull , how will you build a fence around a flock of sheep with minimum wire.

Round 2 (Technical interview )

  • The discussion started with min and max heaps
  • Then he asked how to find the minimum 10 number from a stream of integers
  • He further modified the question and asked , how I will find all the integers which lie in a given range from the stream

Round 3 (Technical interview )

  • Nested dolls problem . I gave them an algorithm based on Longest increasing subsequence and he was satisfied with it.
  • Was asked  to design an interview management software. The problem was  this “theres a fixed number of candidates(C) and fix number of interviewers(I)  I<C design a system to make the best possible use of everyones time”
  • I gave an algorithm based on queues something similar to producer consumer problem.But he wasn’t satisfied with it
  • Then he showed me certain situation where my design will fail.

Round 4 (with CTO )

  • He asked me why Limeroad ?
  • Why I wanted to leave my current job
  • Salary expectations etc.
  • And then explained about the stuff limeroad is trying to build.
  • What I’ll be working on in case I join Limeroad.

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