Insideview Interview Questions : set1

By | May 28, 2014

Hi my name is Sai Kiran , I recently appeared for insideview interviews.Though I didn’t get the offer but want to share my experience with crackdinterview community , so that someone else can get benefit form my experience .
I was contacted by the hr directly . They saw my linkedin profile.I didn’t know much about the company but after searching internet I found good reviews so went for it.Still I had this doubt How is insideview ? Is this a good technology company ? When I enterd the comapany the atmosphere looked very nice to me . And I talked to some people over there they looked knowledgable.I came to know that in this office they working on creating addons for their main CRM platform , like android apps so a kind of some added functionalities to make the life of customers easy.No coming to the iterview process.

Round 1 (coding test offline)

  • They gave me a question which I had to code in 3 hours .They assigned a guy with me who was quite supportive and guiding me in between . Thoug he didn’t
  • This was the question given a file having list of employees with their details . you have to write a program which will take as input a sql query and will execute the query and will output the result.So basically they were expectin gyou to write your own dbms system with limited functionalities.They already gfave me the kind of quesries that can be in input . It had only Select quesries with all options
  • the were more concerned about approach and coding style than final output

Round 2 (Technical interview )

Round 3 (Technical interview )

    1 puzzle , 1 design question and 1 allgo question

  • classic Horse Race Puzzle
  • Design a parking lot using oops . I messed upo this question . And this I think is the reason i couldn’t move to other rounds
  • find 3 mnumbers in the array which sum to a given value . See this article

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