Infosys Interview Questions : set 2

By | August 29, 2015

This post is shared by our reader Tripti . She applied to Infosys off-campus. She is sharing his interview experience so  that others from crackdinterview community may get benefited from his experience. Many thanks to him.

By Tripti

I received a mail from SE Off Campus that Infosys recruitment drive is going to be held on the mentioned date and venue.

The process consisted of  an online test then a Technical cum HR interview.

Online Test

Online test had 3 sections

  1. Arithmetic Reasoning & Analytical Thinking (15 ques)
    • This was  of 25 minutes which further consists of questions based on:

      – Data Sufficiency (5 ques).

      – Data Interpretation (5 ques).

      – Syllogism (5 ques).

  2. Mathematical Critical Thinking & Logical Reasoning (10 ques)
    • This was of 35 minutes and here you can get questions on:

      – Seating/Placing arrangement (5 ques).

      – Encoding&Decoding (1 ques).

      – Time, speed & distance (1 ques).

      – Logical questions based on number series (1 ques).

      – Geometry (1 ques).

      – Ratio and proportion (1 ques).

  3.  Verbal Ability (40 ques).
    • – Theme detection questions.

      – 2 Long Reading Comprehensions with 5 questions each (i.e. 10 questions).

      – Jumbled sentences.

      – Error detection in sentence.

      – Sentence Completion.

      -Verbal ability section was the easiest of all.


Luckily I cleared the online test and appeared for the interview on the next day .Here’s how it went :

  • Me: Good afternoon sir, may I come in?
  • HR: Yes.
  • HR: Have a seat
  • Me: Thank You Sir.
  • He introduced himself to me and then asked me to introduce myself, tell about my passion in life and my project.
  • I introduced myself.
  • Told about my passion in life.
  • Gave brief details of my project.
  • HR: Explain SDLC.
  • Me: Explained with Waterfall model.
  • HR: How did you do database connectivity in your project?
  • Me: Told.
  • HR: What are the various sql servers used?
  • Me: Told.
  • HR: Are you specialized in programming?
  • Me: No sir, to be honest i’m not much into core coding. Just familiar with the basics and logics.
  • HR: OK.
  • Then he asked me some questions regarding my passion and seemed quite impressed.
  • HR: Ok  i’m done. Any questions for me?
  • Me: Sir would you like to suggest any improvement in me, if needed?
  • HR: No. It’s good.
  • Me: Ok Sir.
  • HR: Ok Tripti, It was nice interviewing you.
  • Me: Thank you Sir, Have a good day Sir.
  • HR: Thank you .

Overall interview experience with Infosys was amazing. The HR was very friendly and frank and there were moments of good humour too.

Keys Point for Infosys Interview 

  • Be Honest
  • Be confident.
  • Keep a smile throughout.
  • Good Communication skills.
  • Body language.

I got my offer letter after 3 weeks . That was one of the happiest moments of my life.

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