Ibibo Interview Questions : set 1

By | May 2, 2014

I appeared for ibibo interviews .I’m sharing here my interview Experience to help the community.The opening was for payu BU for 1 yr experienced candidates.

One of my friends reffered me .All these rounds happened the same day.

Round 1(Technical Interview)
1. Linked list contain alphabets.find if it is palindrome or not
2. Array of unsorted no. is given, find triplets which satisfy a2 + b2 = c2.
3. Duplicate a linked list.

Round 2(Technical Interview)
1. Sorted array cyclically right-shifted unknown no of times. find an element in it.
2. Stack which does push, pop and findMin in O(1).

Round 3(Technical Interview)
1. Given 2 arrays unsorted, insert common elements in third array in O(n).
2. Given 2 arrays unsorted, insert unique elements in third array in O(n).
3. Fill n*n matrix clockwise starting from center. Write efficient code.
ex. 7 8 9
6 1 2
5 4 3
4. Print 2D matrix in spiral order.

Round 4(Technical Interview)
1. Lots of technical questions from Resume.
2. Given three arrays A,B,C containing unsorted numbers. Find three numbers a, b, c from each of array A, B, C such that |a-b|, |b-c| and |c-a| are minimum.

Have got some interview questions submit it here.So that we can help other candidates like you to land their dream job

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