HCL interview questions : set 1

By | September 9, 2015

HCL Technologies recently visited our college(RKGIT, UPTU) for campus placements. Here I’m sharing HCL’s hiring process details like the questions asked , salary offered etc. So that someone from crackdinterview community may get benefited from my experience.

Salary Offered

CTC : 3.25 lacs for                                                                                                                                                                 

Hiring Process

They first gave a PPT which lasted for 25 minutes in that they showed us a video and gave some details about the company.Then the process started it had 2 rounds :

Written Test (1 hr)

It had 60 questions to be answered 60 minutes.

  1. Aptitude section(10 questions)
    • Rs Aggarwal type questions easy
  2. Logical reasoning section(10 questions)
  3. DI(10 questions)
  4. Computer Basics(10 questions)
    •  Theoretical questions on DS.
    • Output of a program & questions on functions were in plenty.

  5. English section(20 questions)
    • Synonyms , antonyms, passage , Fill in the blanks

Around 40% students were selected from this round.

Technical cum HR Interview

  • It was an easy round they asked about myself , then asked some basic C++ and OOPs questions and then asked about my hobbies, family background,my projects etc.

Finally I was selected for the job.

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