Guavus Interview Questions : set1

By | April 27, 2014

Guavus Interview Questions : set1
Guavus is a growing It compaby and is paying at par with best software companies like Amazon and google.
Here’s a set of questions which were asked to a candidate appearing for Software Developer position.

Telephonic interview
1st round: Purely technical about the Core areas, skill sets, whats new I was learning etc.
2nd round : Technical cum analytical skills.
3rd round: Generic overall evaluation, team handling, interest in new stuff, how to handle situation etc.

Questions Asked:

Telephonic Interview:
Q1. Given a code find error.
Q2. Given an infinite stream of integers with only k distinct integers, find those distinct integers. How would you modify your solution if k is also very large and cannot use hash table.

Round 1:

Q1. An infinite stream of integers is given. Find maximum of last 4 integers at any instant of time. Modified this question to find maximum 4 at some time point current time.
Q2. A link list is given in which each node points to a random node other than next.
Was required to copy this link list.
Q3. Asked about a singleton class. How will it be modified to operate in a multi threaded environment.
Q4. What approach would you follow to detect memory leak in your code.
Q5. Asked about my current project.

Round 2:

Q1. How would one sort 1 billion integers. Asked to modify this if 4 threads are given.
Q2. Asked to write functions to read and write in a hash table in a multi threaded environment. If say the table size is very big, how would you modify your code to avoid full hash table locking during any write operation.

Round 3 ( With VP Engineering):
Basic HR questions.

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