Groupon Interview Questions : set 1

By | May 2, 2014

I appeared for groupon in their campus placement drive in our college.Sharing here my experience so that someone from crackdinterview can get benefited from it.

Round 1 (MCQ’s/Coding)

  • There were two written exam, 1st contained apti and C,C++ questions, while second consists of coding problems.
  • Coding problems were:

  • Find out the maximum contiguous circular sum in array, array may contain positive as well as negative numbers.
  • An array contain n elements, s.t. next number is obtained by adding either +1 or -1 to previous element. Search any number without using lenear scan.
  • Generates a matrix of size m*n in following order: e.g matrix of size 3*3 will be
    1 2 3
    8 9 4
    7 6 5
    Hint : matrix was generated in spiral order
  • Round 2 (Technical Interview )

  • One stack contains n elements, you are given one more stack, sort the numbers using only push and pop operation.
  • You are given binary tree, find out the largest binary search tree contained in given binary tree.
  • Round 3 (Technical Interview)

  • Discussed questions of written exam
  • Explain thesis
  • Given a binary tree, print sum of each level
    I solved above question using iterative level order traversal then he asked me to solve it recursively, As in recursive solution i was traversing tree multiple times, he asked me to write code which will traverse tree only once and will give sum of each level, I gave the solution as first find out the height of tree, and declare array of size height, then traverse the tree once and add the value of node at ith level to array[i], this will require only two traversal of tree. then he asked me to use linked list instead of array to avoid one extra trversal for finding out the height
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