Flipkart Interview Questions : set3

By | May 2, 2014

Recently I attended Flipkart Interview Process for 1 yr experienced persons for SDE1 positions.I’m sharing the interview questions asked to me here.
First of all thanks to crackdinterview for maintaining such a good website.
Here are the questions:

Round 1 (Telephonic Interview)

  • Given an array of n distinct integers sorted in ascending order. Find an index i s.t ar[i] = i. Return -1 if no such index exists. Note that integers in array can be negative.
  • Design a stack which holds an integer value such that getMinimum() function should return the minimum element in the stack.
    He further asked :Implement popMin() function which would pop minimum element from the original stack. O(1) implementation was required.(Hint: Use LinkedList to implement stack and store address of minimum element node in min-stack)
  • Print an organisational hierarchy.
    Naveen manages Satish
    Satish manages Anushree
    Satish manages Sandeep
    Gurinder manages Naveen


  • Round 2(Telephonic Interview)

  • Given an array which is first strictly increasing and then strictly decreasing. Find an element in this array.Discussions on various approaches and their complexities.
  • After these two rounds, I was called for Face-2-Face discussions in Bangalore. There I had 4 rounds.

    Round 3( In-House coding round)

  • Write a running code in any language to implement the famous tic-tac-toe game.
    First there was discussion on various approaches and basic functions which would be required to implement the same. Then I was asked to code.
    I was given 1 hour 15 mins to code this.I had to design this game as per following:
    1. Game has 3 modes: Human Vs Human, Human Vs Computer and Computer Vs Computer.
    2. Initially start with 3X3 grid, but it can be generalised to NXN grid. So don’t hardcode any variable.
    3. Minimise Code Redundancy and try to make it as modular as posible.
    4. Try to use abstraction and expose lesser number of functions(APIs) to outside world.
    5. Try to cover maximum number of edge cases, like when to abort the game, draw condition, win condition, overwriting existing value in grid etc)
  • After I wrote running code for the same, I was told to explain my code and then run with some test cases. Then he asked me to mail the code.

    Round 4 (Inhouse Technical Interview DS/Algos)

  • Given a sorted and rotated array. Find an element in this array.
  • This was an interesting problem. Given a set of intervals like 5-10, 15-20, 25-40, 30-45, 50-100. Find the ith smallest number in these intervals.Assume there are no duplicate numbers.

    e.g: 1st smallest number = 5
    6th smallest number = 10
    7th smallest number = 15 and so on.

  • Given a dictionary of 50,000 words. Given a phrase without spaces, add spaces to make it a proper sentence.
    e.g:input: thequickbrownfoxjumpoverlazydog
    output: the quick brown fox jump over lazy dog
  • Round 5(Hiring Manager Round)

  • He asked me lots of questions regarding my current company projects.

    1. My role in current project.
    2. Most Challenging work in your company.
    3. What technologies you learnt last year? and several similar questions.
  • Round 6 (HR Interview)
    common HR questions like why Flipkart, Why should we hire you etc.

    Have got some interview questions submit it here.So that we can help other candidates like you to land their dream job.

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