Flipkart Interview Questions : set2

By | May 1, 2014

I recently attended Flipkart Interview process offcampus for the position of SDE1. I’m sharing here my interview experience.

Round 1(Telephonic Interview)

  • Write a code to check if a tree is BST or not.
  • Modify this code to find the maximum subtree in tree which is a BST. Maximum subtree means subtree goes upto its leaves from any node.
  • Modify the code again to find the maximum tree which is a BST. BST can lie anywhere and it may or may not go upto its leaves.
  • Round 2 (Onsite Interview)

  • There is code like

    For simplicity you may assume that there is only one variable declaration on 1 line. Now given a line number, you have to tell what all variables are valid on that line. Propose an algorithm for this.

  • Implement LRU cache. Write a code for this. LRU cache supports 3 operations,
    put(key, value)
  • WAP to get the next higher palindrome of a given number.
    123 -> 131 1232 -> 1331
  • Round 3 (Onsite Interview)

  • Implement next_permutation function (similar to what is in algorithm.h).
  • Given n sequences, and starting and stopping point of every sequence with its score. For eg.
    no of sequences = 5
    start stop score
    0 4 4
    3 10 11
    6 8 8
    7 15 10
    11 15 4
    All scores are positive. You have to find the maximum subset of non overlapping sequences having maximum total sum of scores. I proposed a n^2 approach first and then modified it to nlgn.
  • Normal discussion on work culture, teams etc.
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    2 thoughts on “Flipkart Interview Questions : set2

    1. bharat thakarar

      Can you please elaborate more on last question – maximum subset of non overlapping sequences having maximum total sum of scores?

      1. InterviewGeek Post author

        Hi Bharat ,
        Take it like this . Find a sum of sequences such that no sequence in that set ovelap with any other sequence and the sum is maximum


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