Fab Interview Questions : set2

By | April 29, 2014

Fab.com Interview Questions
Here’s another set Fab interview Questions , submitted by one of our readers Abhishek .

Round 1 (Telephonic Interview)

  1. Counting sort algorithm?What are it’s limitations?
  2. Find two numbers whose sum is closet to zero in an array?
  3. Find the number of set bits in a number.
  4. Reverse a string word by word?

Round 2 (Onsite interview )

  1. In array find elements that are duplicate, remove them optimize it?
  2. There are n array, each has k elements sorted. Merge those arrays in sigle array and should be sorted in efficient manner?
  3. Find the middle node of link list?
  4. Qucik sort and Merge Sort complexities?
  5. Find the occurrence of first 1 in an array and the array contains only 0s and 1s in sorted manner.

Round 3 (Onsite Interview)

  1. A lot of disscussion on my current projects and role. Discussion went for around 20 minutes on this.
  2. Implement hash map?
  3. Find largest sub array of equal of 0′s and 1′s in an binary array?

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