Directi Interview Questions : set 1

By | May 13, 2014

My name is Abhishek Directi visited our campus recently for recruitment.Below I’m sharing my experience.

Round 1(Written Round)
30 questions(time alloted->45 min.). The level of questions was good.

Round 2(Coding Round)
1.A pan is placed in x axis with its left edge at x=0 and right edge at x=L.some balls are being dropped at same height with different x coordinates one by one.Calculate minimum displacement of scale to collect all the balls.
2.find number of anagram in a given matrix of size N*N consisting of characters(a-z).
anagrams to be cosidered should be made from diagonal characters.

Round 3 (Technical Interview)
1.Given a stairs.U can take either 1 step or 2 step at a time.find number of ways u can reach level N.(Initially u r at level 0).See this post for answer.
2.A number of intersecting bridges is given.Remove minimum number of bridge to make remaining bridges non-intersecting.
3.A matrix of size N*N is given.u can divide matrix in 4 parts by drawing horizontal and vertical lines in number of ways.find maximum of minimum sum obtained out of 4 parts after dividing matrix in all possible ways.

Round 4 (Technical Interview)
1.Find all the non-dominating number in array.A number x is said to be dominating if value of x is greater than value of y and index of x in array is greater than that of y.

Round 5(Technical Interview)
1.a function is given which return 0 with probabilty p and 1 with probabilty 1-p.Design your own function which return 0 and 1 with same probabilty). array is given.for each number at index i,find a number at index j such that ajRound 6(Technical Interview Knowledge Based)
1.questions related to os(segmentation,paging,virtual memory,process,threads,life cycle of process,light process)
2.questions related to dbms(normalization,b-trees)
3.questions related to networking(http protocol,working of chat client,osi layer,how dns server works)
4.different types of data structure along with their uses.difference between binary tree and b-tree.
5.questions related to project.

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