DE Shaw Interview Questions :set3

By | April 28, 2014

Here’s a collection of interview questions asked in DE Shaw interviews. We have collected these questions from various forums.And published here for helping our readers to achieve success.

  1. What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS
  2. Discuss ACID properties of a database system.
  3. Given a table Employee with only one field: Names, report all names with multiple entries.
  4. Given two sequences s1,s2 and another sequence s3, find if s3 is formed by interleaving s1 and s2.[Example: s1:abcd s2:bcaa s3:abbccdaa].
  5. If a class B is inherited from a class A, B has a function foo which is also in A, how do you call foo function in A?
  6. If a class B is inherited public from a class A, what all the variables that can be accesses and those that cannot be.
  7. List out the additional features of C++ over C when the latter is already available as a good programming language?
  8. Can classes,protected variables or other features in C++ be implemented using C?
  9. Define Deadlock
  10. Given a multi-threaded program How can you make it run on a system that supports only a single thread execution?
  11. Difference between a const char * and char const *?
  12. What are the Differences between a reference variable and pointer variable in C++?
  13. What is a register variable and what are the limitations on it? What is an automatic variable?
  14. What are the Differences in memory allocation in array and pointer(stack and heap)?
  15. Find the missing element in a sorted array in most optimum running time (O(log n))

Have got some interview questions submit it here.So that we can help other candidates like you to land their dream job

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