DE Shaw Interview Questions : set2

By | April 28, 2014

Here’s a question set submitted by one of our readers who recently appeared for DE Shaw off campus drive at Banglore.

Round 1: (Written Test)
20 Technical – C,C++ & JAVA related, Finding output, Basic Concepts
20 Aptitude – Basic Quantitative Apt questions

Round 2:
Q1. Find maximum length BST in a given binary tree?
Q2. Write an algorithm to find the absolute max subsequence of an array containing both positive and negative numbers in O(n) time ?
Q3. Given an array eliminate the duplicates and print it. Linear time complexity?
Q4. Balancing of Btrees / AVL trees?

Round 3:
Q1. Two cops and a robber are located on opposite corners of a cube and move along its edges. They all move at the same rate. Is it possible for the cops to catch the robber. [Each of the 3 people can see each other at all times and can react instantaneously to each others movements. Stopping is allowed.]
Q2. In some tournament 139 teams have participated. Tournament is knock out. what is the number of matches to choose the champion to be held?
Q3. OS concepts – Threading, Deadlocks, Paging etc
Q4. Databases Questions – Transactions, ACID etc
Q5. project details in your resume?

Round 4:
Q1. Given a 7mt long gold bar , need to cut and give to worker for 7 days (1 meter long) How many min cuts?
Q2. Write algo to mirror a given Binary Tree?
Q3. Find the next largest int of a given int such that it has same number of 1′s in binary?

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