DE Shaw Interview Questions : set1

By | April 28, 2014

My name is Arjun ,I recently(12 march,2014) appeared for an interview with DE Shaw. Though I couldn’t clear the interview .But I thought of sharing it here on crackdinterview community so that someone else can get befitted from my experience.

  • I applied through their buddy referral program.And got a call after one week of applying.The HR told me that I’ve to first give a telephonic interview and depending on my performance in that I’ll be called for in house interview.As I was in Hyderabad itself .For outstation candidates the number of telephonic interviews can be more than 1
  • Round 1(Telephonic)
    The interview began with a brief introduction of myself.The interviewer was cool and very supportive.
    He first asked me some basic java questions.Here are those:
    1. How hash maps are implemented in java
    2. Why it is necessary to override hash code method if you override equals method
    3. Time complexity of searching an element in hash map
    4. what is Volatile keyword and when to use it?

    The he asked me some questions on algorithms .

    1. Search an element in a rotated array?
      Gave him an approach and he was satisfied with that.
    2. Given an unsorted array of size N.Find if there’s an elements which is coming more than N/2 times and return that .In O(n) time.
  • Round 2(Onsite)
    There were 2 interviewers in the room.One was a senior member probably a manager or team lead .First they asked me some behavioural questions like why DE Shaw?Why you want to leave you current company etc.Then they started asking me some some technical questions .Here are the questions which I was asked
    1. Difference between hash maps and hash table in java.
    2. Write a custom Iterator class which instead of giving me every next element while iterating the collection gives me every odd index element.For example iterating the list of 7 elements using custom iterator should give me these elements : 1,3,5,7
    3. Which Package in java contains collections.

    This round went ok for me

  • Round 3(onsite)
    This round was like the previous round but the only difference is that in this round they focussed more on Databases and SQL queries.Here are the questions:
    1. Spiral order traversal of a BST
    2. Given an Employee table having employees and their salaries . Find the employee having third highest salary
    3. One more SQL query don’t remember that.
    4. Write a custom stack class which has these functions push,pop, min(returns the minimum element on stack) all in O(1) time.
  • Unfortunately I couldn’t clear this round .But from one of the candidate who got selected I came to know that he faced two more technical rounds and then one HR round.

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