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Amazon’s hiring process is very transparent.The hiring process for SDE position at amazon is structured like this
1.Resume shortlisting(amazon is kind of open to all company the only thing they need is crack their interview)
2.An online coding round .Genrally on Interviewstreet .We have seen two variants of this round.

  • It generally has three coding questions to be completed in 1hr [after talking to one of the recruitment team members at Amazon we came to know that if you have coded two questions correctly then you will be called for interview for sure or sometimes even if you were able to finish 1 problem out of these completely you may expect a call depends on candidate’s profile and difficult level of the problem. ]
  • It has 10 mcq(s) and 2 coding questions to be completed in 1.5 hours.[after talking to one of the recruitment team members at Amazon we came to know that if you have done 1 programming problem correctly with all test cases passing and 3 mcq(s) correctly or the other problem passing some testcases then you will be called for interview].

3.The online coding round is followed by 2 telephonic interviews if you are in a different city then their development center and clearing those will get you a call for inhouse interviews. Where you will again have to appear for inhouse interviews (generally three technical interviews+2 more rounds see point 5).All on the same day.
4.If you happen to be in the same city then you will be directly called for in house interviews.Generally they take technical interviews and 2 more rounds see step 5.All of these rounds are to evaluate your coding skills and your knowledge of data structures/algorithms.
5.If you were lucky and talented enough to clear all the above rounds then you have to face what they call as


. The interviewer here is a specially trained individual.With significant experience in interviews and hiring decisions.Questions in this round can be a bit harder than above rounds and not lie the standard interview questions.
6.Interview with the hiring manager if you reached this round then there’s very high probability that you are in .
But don’t take anything lightly until you get the offer latter in your hand.You can expect more design questions in this round.

What amazon interviewers pay special attention to?

  • Amzaon gives very high weightage to way you are writing you code or to make it more clear

They just need the code.

Even if you were able to tell them the solution logically but were unable to code it , there’s very high probability that you will be rejected.

  • Efficient use of datastructures . I can bet you will for sure encounter this question in Amazon interview ”
    u used datastructure A to solve the problem can we use datastructure B for this problem”.So when solving a problem while practising try to solve it using different datastructures.
  • Object Oriented Design as I said earlier they only care about code.They pay special attention to how you are utilizing oops concepts in your project. For example you may be asked to design a hash table or parking lot and they will see how you structure you solution here. I’ve mentioned some common design questions in this post .You can use it for practicing.


Which topics I should prepare very well for Amazon interview?
Here are some topics which you cann’t afford to leave.Though it’s pure luck but , we have asked hundreds of candidates and compiled this list of topics which you should prepare very well before appearing for amazon interview :

  • Hashing : try to implement your own hash table in any object oriented language.See our tutorials page
  • Tree : I can bet you will encounter a problem on trees while in the interview.Practice standard problems on trees and try to modify it and then think how you will solve the problem
  • Try practicing by writing code on paper .Not just mentally solving it.Remember that I said they just need code.
    I specially advice you to try coding these basic questions 2 days before your interviews.This will boost you confidence.

      • Spiral order traversal of a binary tree
      • lowest common ancestor of two nodes in a binary tree
      • Tree traversals – recursive and iterative
      • Add two numbers in the form of linked list

    these are very basic questions.But many candidates find it difficult to code these , even though they know the logic.

  • If you have some more time try implementing various datastructures liks stack,queue, deque in any object oriented language.Try to implement some modified version of these datastructures like a stack having getmin() functions which returns the minimum number on the stack in O(1)

What Computer science topics I can ignore while preparing for amazon interview?
While we do not encourage this but still if you have shortage of time then you can leave networking, operating systems , and DBMS except SQL queries and language questions like tell me what a virtual functions is .It’s very rare that you will be asked these questions in an Amazon interview.

What approach I should follow to solve the question ?
This is how you should go about solving the problem once the interviewer gives you the question.This is a general approach not only specific to amazon

  1. Think carefully about the problem and clarify if you have any doubt
  2. Clarify various constraints which can be there don’t just assume things.Like for a question “write a program to sort a list” some valid questions can be :
    • what kind of datatype the list is holding ? (Interviewer: Integers)
    • Is this list holding number in a specific range?(Interviewer : Yes)
    • Am I allowed to use extra space(Interviewer : Yes)
    • So see now you can comeup with an O(n) solution using counting sort.
  3. Prepare a rough draft of your code .Which will have what classes will be involved in the solution , what methods will be there and the basic flow
  4. Most of the interviewers at Amazon are trained to take interviews , so if you are going in wrong direction he will give you hints try to catch those hints .
  5. Write the final code
  6. Before giving your solution to the interviewer do a dry run .Test it yourself specially on boundary cases

That’s it ,I think we have explained everything n=in detail .But still if you have any queries feel free to contact us.We will be happy to help you.

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  1. udnapp

    I have a last level of interview with senior manager of another round in amazon.Please let me know if this is a bar raiser round.I need your help in preparing for bar raiser round.What kind of questions can be expected in this round?


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