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We know and understand very well that there’s no substitute for hard work.But sometimes even after working very hard things doesn’t go in your favour . Believe it or not the reason is simple lack of information.You don’t know what to study or how to study or may be what to focus on , what the company is looking in a candidate.Simply stating you are running in wrong direction .And it happens with most of candidates.

So to help you we prepared this guide , by interacting with interviewers of some of the best companies and those who cracked the interviews of these companies.We are lucky to have guys from amazon and google in our team .One of these guys cracked 7 🙂 companies in his final year.And we are here to clear any doubt , any confusion you have regarding the interview process of these companies.

While all of these companies care about coding skills ,algorithms , logical reasoning , design. But some companies give more weightage to one area and will accept if you are excellent in that area and and average in other areas.Some other company may give more weightage to some other area.We will cover these things as well.

And last but not the least we will cover what happens after you leave and how decisions are taken.

As of now we have prepared interview tips guide for Google, Amazon , Microsoft . As these are most sought after companies.Also once you have prepared for these , you can crack almost all other interviews.

If you want us to prepare Interview guides for any other companies just let us know.You can simply add a comment on this page of mail us.

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