Cognizant Interview Questions : set 1

By | August 27, 2015

Cognizant Technology Solutions(CTS) interview Questions
I recently  attended the campus selection recruitment drive of Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS) for hiring freshers .I am sharing my interview experience and other details like salary hiring process etc. with crackdinterview community .So that someone else can get benefited from my experience.They were offering CTC of 3.5LPA and only those with percentage 65% or above and no backlogs were allowed to sit ..Here’s how the process went

  • Round 1 (written test)
    Written test Consisting of 40 Questions
    Duration : 60 mins with Negative marking.No sectional cutoffs.
    There were 3 section

    • Quantitative Aptitude -Mostly RS Aggarwal type question average level
    • Logical/Analytical ability – easiest questions try to solve them first
    • Verbal – was bit tough questions from Barron’s GRE, its advisable to see this book if before the process

    Sample questions

    1. See this page for the kind of questions asked in test .

    Around 40% candidates got eliminated on this round .And the rest were the next rounds.

  • Round 2 (Technical interview)
    Basic computer science questions from oops ,Datastructures,Networking,Algorithms,c/c++.The interviewers were quite friendly and supportive.To most of the candidates they asked their favourite are and then the interview revolved around that.Some candidates were told to write code of problems.Sample questions (I said algorithms as my fav. subject)

      1. Write program in C++ to demonstrate  Inheritance
      2. Find mirror image of a binary tree only algorithm
      3. Write Palindrome Logic
      4. Swapping two numbers without Using 3rd variable.

    Everyone who attended this round was allowed to attend the next round.

  • Round 3 (HR interview)
    Basic HR questions like

    • Tell me about yourself
    • Why cognizant
    • My marks were very low so they asked me the reason for that

After this result was declared and luckily my name was there in the final list .Hope this helps.

Have got some interview questions submit it here.So that we can help other candidates like you to land their dream job

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