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Infosys Interview Questions : set 1

Infosys Interview Experience  Infosys recently visited my college for campus placements. Here I’m sharing TCS hiring process details the questions asked  salary offered ,Eligibility criteria etc. So that someone from crackdinterview community may get benefited from my experience. Eligibility Criteria 65% in 10, 10+2 and B.Tech. More than one active backlog is not allowed. Hiring Process Pre-Placement… Read More »

Elitmus Test Pattern and Sample questions

Elitmus Test Pattern and Sample questions Now a days many companies are using Elitmus test to select candidates when campus hiring specially for computer science students. Its a traditional paper pencil type test.In this post we will explain in detail what this test is , how to prepare for elitmus and  sample questions from previous tests.This article… Read More »

Find if 2 Rectangles overlap

Given two rectangles with their base parallel to each other . You have to find whether the rectangles overlap or not. Ex Rect1(2,3,5,6) Rect2(1,3,1,10) Where a rectangle is specified by coordinates of it’s TopLeft (x1,y1) and BottomMRight(x2,y2) coordinates in sequence for rect1 TopLeft(2,3) and BottomRight(5,6). The problem is very simple . Since the rectangle have… Read More »

Ebay Interview Questions : set 1

Ebay recently visited our campus for recruitment . Here I’m mentioning my Interview Experience with ebay. First of thanks to crackdinterview for maintaining such a wonderful site. From my experience I advice the candidates to practice some interview puzzles specially .Because they asked these puzzles to almost everyone. Round 1(Written Test) 30 questions out of… Read More »

Groupon Interview Questions : set 1

I appeared for groupon in their campus placement drive in our college.Sharing here my experience so that someone from crackdinterview can get benefited from it. Round 1 (MCQ’s/Coding) There were two written exam, 1st contained apti and C,C++ questions, while second consists of coding problems. Coding problems were: Find out the maximum contiguous circular sum… Read More »

Snapdeal Interview Questions : set1

Hi my name is Surender .Snapdeal recently visited our campus for recruitment.I’m mentioning below there interview process and the interview questions asked.So that someone from crackdinterview community may get benefited from my experience. Placement Process for Snapdeal Profile : Business Analytics / Software Engineer Three Rounds(1 written + 2 interviews) Round 1 (Written Test) It… Read More »