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More than one main Methods in Java

Can you have more than one main methods in the same java class? This is a question asked frequently in interviews .Can we do that or not. Yes, you can have as many main methods as you like. We can  use overloading and define different main methods with different signatures .But only that main method… Read More »

cloning in java

Cloning in java or difference between deep copy and shallow copy of an object is a common interview question. We have written this article in such a way that either you will be asked something from this article or you will able to answer the question bcoz of the knowledge you gained from this article.Let’s… Read More »

How HashMap works in java

Believe it or not but you will be asked questions on HashMaps in 8 out of 10 interviews .And this is the most frequently asked question How HashMap works in java ? While some candidates are able to answer this question but they fail to answer the surrounding questions .In this article we will explain… Read More »

Interface Common interview questions

Interfaces are among the common topics discussed in java interview while most of the candidates know what an interface is and have used it several times but they fail to answer some surrounding interfaces which goes against them. The aim of this article is to list those questions .If you encountered some question oon interfaces… Read More »