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Microsoft Interview Questions : set 1

Here’s a set of interview questions submitted by one of our readers Nishant. These questions were asked to candidates by microsoft during campus placements at IITD. Round 1 Given a file with numbe rs of 7 digits each, number 10 will be represented as 0000010. But all numbers are of 7 digits. Sort these numbers. Print and  remove nth node from circular linked list till the list becomes empty Round 2 Two poles each of length 15m are at distance d. A rope of length of 16m is tied from the top one pole to the other. Distance between lowest point of rope and ground is 7m. Find distance d. Sum 2 numbers represented as linked list. Round 3 Given a BST and a number s, find a path from root to leaf whose values sum to s. Find shortest such path. Given top­left and bottom­right coordinates of two rectangles whose sides are parallel to axes. Find whether these 2 rectangles are intersecting. Have got some interview questions submit… Read More »

Ebay Interview Questions : set 1

Ebay recently visited our campus for recruitment . Here I’m mentioning my Interview Experience with ebay. First of thanks to crackdinterview for maintaining such a wonderful site. From my experience I advice the candidates to practice some interview puzzles specially .Because they asked these puzzles to almost everyone. Round 1(Written Test) 30 questions out of… Read More »

Groupon Interview Questions : set 1

I appeared for groupon in their campus placement drive in our college.Sharing here my experience so that someone from crackdinterview can get benefited from it. Round 1 (MCQ’s/Coding) There were two written exam, 1st contained apti and C,C++ questions, while second consists of coding problems. Coding problems were: Find out the maximum contiguous circular sum… Read More »

Flipkart Interview Questions : set3

Recently I attended Flipkart Interview Process for 1 yr experienced persons for SDE1 positions.I’m sharing the interview questions asked to me here. First of all thanks to crackdinterview for maintaining such a good website. Here are the questions: Round 1 (Telephonic Interview) Given an array of n distinct integers sorted in ascending order. Find an… Read More »