CA Technologies interview questions : set 1

By | September 17, 2015

I recently  attended the campus selection recruitment drive of CA Technologies (Computer Associates) for hiring freshers at DTU.I am sharing my interview experience about CA Technologies hiring process here  with crackdinterview community .So that someone else can get benefited from my experience.They were offering CTC of 6.5LPA(BE) and 7.5 LPA(ME) and only those with percentage 65% or above and no backlogs were allowed to sit .Here’s how the process went

  • Round 1 (written test)
    There were 2 sections

    • Basic apti , LR and verbal section
    • Programming language section C++/Java

    In addition there were 2 subjective questions ,we had to write the code

    1. We have to write the algorithm or code for create mirror image of a tree
    2. write the algorithm or code for revering a linked list

    Around 20% of those who appeared were selected for next rounds. Then there were 3 interviews (2 Technical +1 HR)

  • Round 2 (Technical interview)
    • This round was primarily focussed on data structures and algorithms.
    • The interviewer asked me to write MergeSort algorithm and asked about its complexity.
    • How to find if a binary tree is a BST or not.
  • Round 3(Technical interview)
    • Taken by a senior level official .
    • He asked me few questions on the projects I had done, my background etc.
    • He asked me a basic puzzle.
    • Then asked me to design an Authentication System for a banking portal
    • He asked in detail about what encryption , safety measures I’ll use and  how I’ll make the system efficient and how concurrency will be handelled etc.
    • I’d an offer from Sapient as well so he asked why I want to join CA over Sapient .
  • Round 4(HR interview)
    • In the HR interview they asked few things again like tell me about yourself, why CA,why hyderabad when I’ve an offer from Sapient  etc.
    • Then they asked whether I’m ok with hyderabad location(their placement location) won’t I feel homesick etc.

Finally I got selected, a total of 5 students were selected . We were given some goodies by CA Technologies immediately , that was awesome.

Have got some interview questions submit it here.So that we can help other candidates like you to land their dream job

4 thoughts on “CA Technologies interview questions : set 1

  1. Kamta sahu

    Sir i want to know weither coding questions ans in Round 1 (written test) had been written on paper or computer(online) ?
    What is the number of question and time given for Round1 ?
    Is next Round selection proceedure after Round 1 depends only on Basic apti , LR and verbal , or it also have depends on coding question
    s answer.
    Advance Thanks a lot sir.

    1. InterviewGeek Post author

      Written was on paper. Around 100 questions – 50 computerscience , 25 quant +25 (DI+english) . Than 3 interviews

      1. Kamta sahu

        Thank you sir.
        I want to know one thing how much time they give for 1st round i.e. for (100 question+coding).
        whats the cutoff for come in that 20% student to clear 1st round.


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