BSB(Bharti Softbank) Interview Questions :set1

By | April 28, 2014

My name is Avinash .I recently appeared for BSB(Bharti Softbank) interview.One of my friend working in BSB referred me.
I got a call from them after 4 days . Here’s the process which I went through and interview questions which I faced before getting the offer.

Round 1(Telephonic)

  1. How HashMaps work in java internally
  2. How will you you write your own HashMap in java.Was asked to mention what classes I’ll use their functions .How I will handle things like collision , resizing etc.
  3. Design a parking lot

Round 2(Telephonic)

  1. Find the mirror image of a binary tree.
  2. Maximum length path between any two nodes in a tree.
  3. A question on Btrees

Offline Simulation
A coding problem was given to me and i had to send the solution back to them in 3 hrs.If you in Delhi or Banglore .They will call you for in house interview directly where you have to code that problem in front of them.Here is the problem .If you have cleared the telephonic rounds already .Try to finish this problem as earlly as possible as there’s high probability that you will get the same or similar problem to solve.

Round 4(in house)

  1. Questions on core java concepts like threads,synchronization etc.
  2. Some questions on the above problem like why I implemented a feature a particular way can improve in some way.
  3. How to traverse a tree inorder without using recursion.

Round 5
It was a friendly discussion and was asked mostly behavioral questions .Like why BSB?Questions on my current role.And some logical puzzles of easy level.

Have got some interview questions submit it here.So that we can help other candidates like you to land their dream job