Aricent Interview Questions : set 1

By | August 29, 2015

Aricent Interview Questions

Aricent recently visited my college for campus placements. Here I’m sharing Aricent hiring process details the questions asked  salary offered ,Eligibility criteria etc. So that someone from crackdinterview community may get benefited from my experience.

Eligibility Criteria

Branches Allowed : CSE,IT,EEE,ECE,Software

Percentage:  60  %

Salary Offered

CTC : 4.25 lac for both UG & PG                                                                                                                                                                         Bond : 21 months, INR 75000 on prorated basis starts at the time of joining

Hiring Process

It had 3 rounds

Written test

Technical test

HR interview

Written Test

Test consisted of 4 sections:

  1. Aptitude section(20 question in 30 minutes)
    • Rs Aggarwal type questions easy
  2. Logical reasoning section(15 questions in 20 minutes)
    • reffer Arun sharma or Abhijit guha for this
  3. C & DS section
    •  Theoretical questions on DS.
    • Output of a program & questions on functions were in plenty.

    • Time complexity of searching & sorting process had been asked.

    • refer coremen and test your C/C++ skills
  4. English section(15 questions  in 20 minutes)
    • Synonyms , antonyms, passage

Technical Interview

  • Tell me which subject are you efficient in from C, C++ & Ds?
  •  Which part of C are u well versed with?
  • Write the program to find nth fibonacci number?
  • A question in reversing bits of a number
  • Some questions on projects I’ve done.

HR interview

We were given a form to fill up in which we were asked to describe some real life incidents . Like

  • Tell an incident were u have gone out of ur ways to help one of ur friend
  • Describe a situation were u have proved ur mettle as a team worker .
  • A few questions on hobbies were also asked.

Finally the result was declared and my name was there in the list .

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