Adobe Interview Questions : set 1

By | May 13, 2014

I recently gave interviews for MTS position at Adobe. I’m sharing here my experience with the community .

Round 1 (online  Aptitude test 1 hr) 

  • This test was to be given on interview street . They sent me a link for the test. The test had some geometry questions.some logical reasoning questions and some data interpretation questions all to be completed in 1 hour. NO negative marking. I found that the questions were repeated .The questions were almost similar which they asked during campus recruitment drive in my college.

Round 2 (Online Technology Test  2 hr)

  • 5 programming problems and 15 Mcqs based on language java in my case.TO be completed in 2 hrs.
  • The questions were not very tough and in language part standard questions were asked . 4 or 5 questions were on threads.

Round 3 (Telephonic Interview)

The interviewer was quite supportive he started by asking about my self and my current projects .Then he moved to technical questions .Here are the questions asked.

  • Why you have to override hashcode method in java if you override equals in java.
  • What is volatile keyword in java. [see this post ]
  • Some question modified form of Lowest Common Ancestor of nodes , don’t remember exactly.
  • Print level order traversal of a tree in reverse order.

Round 4 (Onsite Technical Interview)

This was the toughest interview and was focussed mainly on java concepts . Why I’m saying this is because he asked only a single Algorithm question in this round and rest were on java . Here are the questions :

  • What is immutable in java
  • Why strings are immutable
  • Difference between a string buffer and string builder
  • Write a program for consumer problem , it should be thread safe
  • Longest common substring problem , code it .First gave brute force approach and then improved it.

Round 5(Onsite Technical Interview)

This round went better. He asked me few DS questions .I answered all of them :

  • Design a hash table .I designed it and used chaining for collision resolution.
  • What is load factor in it
  • Java code to insert a new node in a BST.
  • Check whether a tree is BST or not.

Round 6 (Onsite Telephonic Interview)

In this round I was asked a puzzle , few java questions and DS questions .

  • Given a stair case having n steps . You are allowed to take either a single step or skip stair and take double step . Find the number of ways in which you can reach the top.See this post for solution.
  • Find a number in a sorted rotated array.Gave an approach using pivot and was asked if I can do it some other way.
  • Any specific reason for joining Adobe apart from that you want to relocate to delhi. And I was like blacnk  🙁

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